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Nerfs aren't needed in a PvE centric game.
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19 November 2011 @ 09:46 am

tldr 1(not google translated):

MNK hands chakra↑ lvl3(?), feet counterstance↑ lvl 2

RDM super nuking feets

THF hands th+2

PLD super macro-in pieces

BST hands call beast↑, feets/body reward↑, legs reward recast

RNG super killing feets, body during double shot up maybe (doubt it beats af3)

SAM head ranged shot tp, hands meditate↑, legs third-eye↑ (for them crazy sams)

NIN hands (night time requirement removed), super ws/ninjutsu feet, body will most likely replace af1, at the cost of fashion

COR head phantom roll↑, body random deal↑, slugshot legs

DNC head waltz↑, legs jig↑

SCH too crazy

tldr 2: if you were using it before, you're most likely to upgrade it

Example trial #1: COR Body +2 Use random deal 1000x
Example trial #2: RNG Feet +2 Barrage Matix 100x

28 October 2011 @ 12:25 pm

Many Galkas, Pandas and Nanas were sacrificed to make this for me ^_^ Thanks.

http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxi/forums/83 (test server notes)

Not really sure where they're going with nerfing restraint and buffing Helix. They should just make Modus 100% acc so we're not stuck on HV SCH abilities (or make Libra actually proc and remove Modus from the proc table). And its not that easy for a WAR to just walk into Abyssea (or WoE), get Ukko's Fury and faceroll. If they're nerfing restraint in regards to the 99 job ability (or abilities) that WAR may be getting then I guess its fine.

Lately I've been parsing to get information on which DDs are good for which fights. The whole deal with parsing in FFXI isn't to say "oh damn I got 50% of the damage done, what's up I'm awesome." No, lol. It's more like why did so and so do so much damage? What food, who died, how many procs did we get etc.

Anyway, every DD can "win the parse" or "pull their weight" on favorable encounters. The three jobs I have hardly any information on are PUP, DRG, and BST, although I do have 4 sets of parses that had a DRG actually meleeing the mob so I'll get back to that later.

Dark Knight, in particular, kinda concerns me. I mean if you need an Apoc to do average damage then they need a little(lot) of help. Also when looking at the parse, you have to see what the set up was, what buffs, etc. It's a little hard to state "oh DRK isn't that great" when the conditions for the parse change 99% of the time.

On the other hand, Terru's Caladabolg parsed fairly well (18-20%) on Qilin. So I guess this leads back to my main theory that if you try hard, do your best, you can get good results regardless of what job you're playing. Just believe that you're contributing to the damage. If you go from doing 2% of the damage, try hard on the next one and do 6% of the damage, that's an improvement, just keep working on it.

For consistency, and overall rankings on the current VW T3, I'd say the strongest DDs atm (in no particular order) are WAR, SAM, RNG, COR (barring Qilin), and MNK (with support).
19 August 2011 @ 03:04 pm
Q_Q_Q_Q_Q_Q NIN got nothing /cry

NIN overpowered wah wah

NIN sucks outside Abyssea Q_Q_Q_Q

NIN only there for red procs wahhh

While I'm not at all impressed with this parry JA they are planning to give to NIN, I don't feel they need anything.

Why is nin so strong in Abyssea? Razed Ruin.

Why is nin not so strong outside Abyssea? Stuff wipes shadows every other second (more time casting, less time hitting), no Razed Ruin.

How to overcome this? Rogue's roll, let other people tank, wait for devs to make encounters that are nin friendly.

And if you truly believe that NIN is only in Abyssea for red procs then feel free to change that sentence to "The nins I play with only come to Abyssea for red." That's the same thing as me saying you only bring a MNK for blue during blunt, because you know, damage over time doesn't mean anything (sarcasm).

STP jutsu is good for people like me that bs salvage.

SAM JA will be good I'm sure.

No WAR or MNK stuff yet? No problem.

BLM gewd of course (the easiest job to improve).

How do we improve BLM? Time to give them Blizzard 10.

Everything good! Looking forward to the update.

Last but not least:

Curaga V Nyahaha
18 August 2011 @ 11:07 am

Ultimate, Beyond, Undying, 1 Hellz for sacrifice, 1 Panda for saving me

Just an example set, only need the katana really

Pretty awesome for a D1 weapon. Anyway keep it in mind if you plan on brewing something that is edge resistant.


Proving to myself that edge sucks vs. this. Yes two of them.

SS instead of Undying to one shot stuff maybe. Save brew and wait for sneak timer.
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